Saturday, December 22, 2012

Holiday fun

They boys have been playin. With our holiday themed sensory bin and the Christmas felt scene that I made. Unfortunately making the felt resulted in white paint on carpet. Now how to get that out?

Holiday presents

I've been making lots of presents this year including water bottle holders, eye spy bags, granola, lotion bars, cranberry tea, gnome clothes pins, and such. Now that everything's done I really need to find a new project!

Holiday baking

I've been slowing making cookies and candies and freezing them. We have 6 kinds of cookies and 4 candies including Carmel's, fudge, grapefruit gumdrops, and suckers. I am pretty excited to finally be able to eat them.

Pjs for the holidays

Every year I make the kids matching pjs. I also made pjs for their dolls.

Holiday bags

I made the boys bags for their Xmas eve gifts. I'd like to make them bags every year and slowly eliminate the wrapping paper, but that all depends on my future motivation. These were fun to make though.

Advent bowl

Here are the last three weeks. Plants, animals, and people.