Sunday, January 17, 2010

butterfly gnome

I am really excited about my next three gnomes. I had this idea to do three different bugs. The butterfly/caterpillar was the first, next is a spider, and then a bee w/ hive. Anyway this one was really fun to design and make.
On another note I'm looking into getting a learning tower off of craigslist. I'm really hoping they haven't sold it yet. The learning tower is an adjustable safe stool for toddlers and young children. I've been trying to bake more with K and this will be perfect for him to be able to reach the counter and actually help. It can also be used as a fort and a puppet theater.
On the baking front K and I baked a loaf of bread in the bread maker this past monday. I want to try and bake with K once a week or so. K loved it! In fact that might be partly why it didn't turn out too great. He was happily dumping in ingredients and taking them back out so I'm sure the recipe was a little off. The other problem was that I hadn't baked bread in so long it turns out my yeast was dead. I'd post a picture of the loaf, but it really was a sorry sight. Hopefully tomorrow we'll be able to stop somewhere to get us some fresh yeast.

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basheegirl said...

This is beautiful!