Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring Table Storage

What do you do with your spring table items that are out of season? When I first started my table (this past winter), I ran into this issue as I started to put items away. I didn't want to put them in a plastic tub. It seemed wrong to put all this time and effort into making all natural items and then shove them into plastic. So I made a big velcro bag for everything winter. Of course that now means I need to keep this up and make a bag for each season as needed.
You can see my winter bag is stuffed full as it contains all the holiday items also. So far spring only has our leprechaun gnome and some shamrocks.
Where do you store your nature table items?



I've been keeping our nature table items in a basket---but it's getting over full and so unorganized! These bags are a great idea!

Goldie said...

LOVE the bag idea. I made the block bag to keep the blocks in and it's been working great. I'll have to copy your idea when we finally get our nature table up and running. I so wish we were past this "oral" stage.

softearthart said...

A good idea, I keep mine in old shoe boxes, yours in a much more nicer way. cheers Marie