Monday, November 8, 2010


Here's an updated picture of my advent calander. I finally was able to get the felt I wanted to make the pockets. I'm about half way done needle felting the numbers on (not shown). I should be right on track to get this done on time. I hope.

Anyway so I'm sure you have all noticed that I've been pretty absent lately. Well that is because we are expecting another baby! yay! So why would that explain my absence? Well I've had pretty horrible nausea that only gets worse by looking at the computer. I'm 15 weeks now and it has not let up a bit, so I mostly only get on the computer for a quick e-mail update. So my updates will probably be spotty and in big clumps until I can get back on my game. This also means that when I am here to update everything will be quite behind. Anyway I have a few more posts for this clump and then hopefully won't be gone for too long. :)


momma rae said...

i'm loving this calendar! still want to know about the animals that will inhabit it and how they will be attached. maybe you replied on my previous comment? i will check.

congratulations!!! so exciting but i do hope that you are feeling much better real soon. in the meantime, i hope that you are able to get the rest that you need. ;)

Brynn said...

I'm sorry I totally missed answering this question the first time. So my plan (we'll see if it actually works) is that the wool felt will stick to the wool. I know... not a great plan. I"m sure if it doesn't work I'll come up with a back up.
Thank you for loving the calendar. I'm having a great time making it! I now have 24 numbers felted. One more to go.