Monday, June 28, 2010

Estate Sale find

Crocheted flowers
This is in the middle of the tapestry
Well shoot I thought I could flip these photos in this program and there is some bug in my photo program that is preventing me from flipping this. UGH. Sorry. :( Anyway the tapestry shows the four seasons.
Crocheted flowers and an embroidered little cloth.

K and I were garage saleing (which he loves to do) when I came upon these gems. This woman had so many hand crocheted and hand embroidered things that it was hard to chose what to bring home. The sale was coming to an end so they were practically giving everything away. The giant seasonal tapestry is not totally finished which I'm actually excited about. I think it will be fun to add to her work.

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softearthart said...

It is lovely, what a lucky find, cheers Marie