Friday, July 30, 2010

The problem with pink

Stirring the dye pot.

K's four new pink shirts
See how happy he is?

My son's favorite color is pink. He insists on wearing pink everyday. Anytime we pull out a plate, a cup, play with a shovel, a bucket, a car... he wants it to be pink. Here is where the problem comes in. They do not make little boys clothes in pink. I have searched and searched for pink shirts that don't have ruffles, hearts, or sayings such as, "girls rule."
To keep K happy I've been buying lots of pink socks but now that summer has come I thought it was finally time to make him some pink shirts for boys. I bought a pack of white shirts, some pink dye and made him four shirts. Guess what the only color shirt he'll wear is now?
I'm thinking of embellishing some of them. He's really into dump trucks, animals, and trains so perhaps I'll have some pimped up pink shirts on here soon.

1 comment:

momma rae said...

i LOVE that you are honoring his love of pink!!! go mama! i would really love to see some dump trucks on pink shirts. that would be bad ass. ;)