Friday, July 9, 2010

What I've been working on

This is K's birthday crown about half finished. The crab represents K's sign (Cancer). The flowers are K's birthday flowers (delphinium), the rat (which is not done yet) is for the year of the rat. There are also going to be "rubies" across the top for his birthstone. After a million drawings its fun to see it actually start coming together.
K's birthday is next week and I am getting pretty close to being done with everything. I am almost done with is little chef outfit. As you can see the crown still has a little bit of work. Then a couple of little tweaks to his birthday banner.


momma rae said...

i love the personal touches of your crown! so very special. that banner is incredible, too! so creative.

softearthart said...

Great that you are hand making his crown, what a treasure he will have, cheers Marie

Basheegirl said...

I love it, it's really cool! I may steal it and turn the "k" into a "b"