Friday, December 11, 2009

Birthday Banner

When K was nearing 1 year and I was birthday shopping online I found the coolest birthday banner made out of different colored material. It was a crazy $60. I decided not only could I make my own, I could make it better. K's banner says, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY K...". I used several different prints. Each letter is backed with white cotton and each letter was hand cut with a stencil. On the back of the "H" I wrote 1, had everyone at his birthday party sign it, and sewed two carrots (the theme of his birthday party was veggies). My plan is to sew a button on each year that fits his personality at the time and have everyone sign a letter. So next year everyone will sign the A, then the P, then the other P and so on for 18 years. (well if he'll let us do it once he's a teen).

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