Thursday, December 17, 2009


I bought what I thought was mostly a pure beeswax to polish the wood I've been painting. Here are some pics to show how it looks. The tree and snowman on the left are waxed the right ones are now. Anyway, after waxing I started to think it smelled a little chemically and found petroleum in the ingredients. Now I have to figure out whether to just suck it up and buy some beeswax polish off the internet or keep using the slightly expensive polish I already bought. Hummm. I'm leaning towards buying new. C... don't read this post. :)

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Goldie and Nico said...

I think you should return the petrol-wax and buy nice beeswax for us to use on our woody-friends. I could split it with you. Oh I know, start a co-op!