Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Water color

Here is take two of attempting to color my wood stash. The natural dying worked with some of the colors, but I still really needed blue, green, black, and a few others. Today K and I water colored the wood. It turned out really cool! I didn't get it all done as it didn't take K long before he was sucking on paintbrushes and trying to dump the water. Oh and I also bought beeswax today so I can polish everything when it is done drying. At the rate its going I think it might be a good week before I can post pics of that. Here is a sample of what we did.
The snowmen and trees sit on our nature table (I should take an update picture).
I'm not entierly sure what I'm going to do with all the balls yet (but K loves them).
The handle, stick, and top are going to become a wand for K's stocking. I'm excited to get this project underway.

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Goldie and Nico said...

You are crafting crazy. I LOVE it!