Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Easter Eggs

I made these eggs from a pattern in a book. I finished 7 of them thinking I would send them in a swap. However, when I went to sew the top and bottom together the eggs ended up coming out strangely shaped. I had to do some funky things to the backs to get them to look ok. So I decided I'd keep them for K and use them to hide Easter goodies in and I am sending my homemade crayons for the Easter swap instead. Hopefully I"ll have some great swap pictures up soon.
I'm currently working on a root child gnome that I'm hoping will turn out as great as it looks in my head.



very cool. haven't seen these before!

softearthart said...

These are neat, cheers Marie

Basheegirl said...

These came out really neat! I love the colored yarn in them! :)