Monday, March 22, 2010


K and I traveled to Chicago to celebrate the first day of spring with a friend of mine. We had a full weekend of festivities which included two art projects. When we woke up Sat morning Mother Nature had played a little joke on us and it was 30 degrees and snowing! We bundled up anyway and went out to wake up the flowers and plants. The night before we had sewn bells onto strips of fabric so we could dance in the grass and by the flowers to wake them up. K wasn't much into tying the bells around his feet so he just shook his.
During the day we also painted flower pots. The first pot is K's, then my friend's, then mine. While K napped my friend and I crocheted mushrooms. For dinner we made a big salad with pears and yogurt dressing.
How did you all celebrate your first day of spring?


softearthart said...

Love the bells on your ankles, just great. cheers Marie

Basheegirl said...

Thank you for making my Ostara so special!