Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Greenfield Village

Making a brass candle stick in the machine area
K talking to a sheep in the farm area
K running past all the old buildings
The candle stick I made. :)

This year for Christmas we received a membership to Henry Ford/Greenfield village. Greenfield Village just opened for the season and we have loved going. The village is set up like a huge old fashioned village with model T cars to ride, a steam engine train (that K loves to ride), an old working farm, a crafts area with people blowing glass, making pottery, weaving, printing, an old downtown, and hundreds of old homes to visit.
Kalan loves to visit the farm animals and ride the train. He talks about that train all the time. :)



Sounds like such a fun place! Love the candle stick.

Linda said...

What a lovely candle stick!!