Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Making noodles

We spent the day making noodles and by "spent the day" I really mean spent the day. My mom brought over her electric noodle maker and I don't recommend it. It is so touchy. You have to have the perfect consistency or the noodles won't come out. We spent half the day adding flour then water then flour then water. I think next time I'll use a hand crank noodle maker or just do it totally by hand.
The noodles came out wonderful though! I had forgotten how good homemade noodles were. Even though it took us all day to do they were totally worth it. This time we made a whole wheat egg recipe. You can see K up there helping and skipping his nap as usual. :)

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softearthart said...

I have never made noodles,your son enjoyed watching. cheers Marie