Monday, May 17, 2010

Leaf Rubbings

1st we collected leaves from the yard. then we taped them all over our art easel.
Next we pulled paper over the leaves. It took K a little while to get the hang of doing a leaf rubbing but he finally got it.
Here is our finished product. I'm thinking we might save the paper and use it as wrapping paper for the next birthday we attend.


softearthart said...

Just lovely, you do so much with your wee man. cheers Marie


very pretty! I saw somewhere a jar lantern--- someone took paper covered in leaf rubbings and wrapped/glued it around a jar. The leaf rubbing looked amazing all glowing once a candle was placed inside the jar! It's somewhere down on my long list of crafts I want to do!

Linda said...

These are lovely! Leaf rubbings are so much fun. We made a whole lot at the beginning of Autumn here in South Africa:)
Happy day to you,

mamaof4 said...

oh I just love leaf rubbings. Something enjoyable not only from my own chiodhood, but to share with my kids as well.

Cheryl said...

The rubbings came out very clear. I like your idea of using it as wrapping paper.

Homesteadgirl said...

One day last fall, my son and I did a leaf day while the girls napped...found autumn leaves in all colours, talked about their shapes, did rubbings, read stories about remains one of my favourite moments with him ever. Thanks for reminding me of a special moment.