Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I've been slacking a little here due to a few things. 1. Casey had to get his appendix out on Saturday. He was at work and had to go into emergency to have it removed that night. He's doing fine and I am enjoying him having the week off. 2. K had Roseola. Nothing serious, mostly it just made him crabby and tired. 3. I joined "bit of goodness" craft swap and have been crafting like crazy to get my stuff together to send. I joined a play kitchen swap and am making little aprons and Crocheted Cherries. My friend was in town for the weekend and taught me how to crochet. This is my 3rd attempt to learn and I think it finally sunk in this time. I have a ton more work to do before the deadline, but as soon as something is done I'll post it.
Now I'm off to enjoy some family time and make some Cherries.

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softearthart said...

Best wishes to Casey, remember that convalescing always takes longer than what you think, so do not let him over do it, Cheers Marie