Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Up until two weeks ago or so I had never heard of Candlemas. Then I started reading about it on different blogs and such and was intrigued. It seems that the holiday was originally a Pagan holiday to celebrate the half way point from winter to spring. It is supposed to represent new beginnings. Many people celebrate by eating foods that represent the sun coming back, making candles, and making resolutions about new beginnings. It was also adapted by the Christian faith as the final day of Christmas. The day to finally take down decorations (see that's why your decorations are still up. :).
So I thought the holiday sounded fun and decided we should celebrate this year. We ate Acorn Squash, chick peas, and mangos (sun colored/shaped). After dinner we made paper lanterns by water coloring card stock, cutting out shapes, and glueing tissue paper over the holes. K had a great time not only water coloring, but he also really like picking out tissue paper colors to cover his holes. So the first lantern is mine, then K's, then C's, and then K's grandmother's (Grammy) who joined us for dinner.
Finally the holiday ended with us holding a moment of silence and sending light and warmth to a friend and her new baby who need the hope of new beginnings.


softearthart said...

What a lovely celebration,how nice to send light and warmth to someone who needs it, Cheers and "Happy day" Marie

basheegirl said...

What?!?!? You never heard of Candlemas?!? only officiated my handfasting on that day (and that's why I picked that date). Silly goosie!