Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Making progress with the turtle


I've been working on this knitted turtle forever. I have finally finished the knitting part only to find out that putting it together is so much harder. Here are all the pieces. the top is the shell and the bottom is the tummy, tail, feet, and head. I've gotten some of it together but what a pain this is to figure out. Anyway hopefully I'll have a complete photo tomorrow and then I can get started on trying to knit some farm animals.
OH and I'm really excited that my friend who is a crochet expert is coming to visit this month. Hopefully she'll be able to get me started. :)


softearthart said...

Looking forward to seeing it all together, it seems like a challenge, challenges are good, they make us think, cheers Marie

basheegirl said...

count on it, girlie! Get ready to get your hook on!