Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kid Art

We've been doing lots of art around here as a family. K loves to have us all gather around the table and paint together. The sun and light water color are the end result of our masking tape painting. The others are the result of potato and lettuce stamping.

In other news I had some wonderful finds at Salvation Army today! I bought K a little wooden iron, a glass pitcher, a glass bean container, tons of wonderful cotton sweaters to unravel into yarn, two large wooden peg puzzles, a big basket for toys, and a little glass for K.
We also stopped at a natural toys store in the area and found some great clearance items! Some water colors, all natural glue, toy metal bowls, wooden milk jugs, and beaswax tea candles.

Ok I'm off to work on my leprechaun gnome. He is coming along great! Perhaps we'll be ready for his debut tomorrow.

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softearthart said...

Hi I find some lovely things at second hand shops,well done, your finds sound great. cheer Marie