Friday, February 19, 2010

Silk Play

We are all sick here. First K gets Roseolla, then casey gets his appendix out. Then three nights ago K was sick all night with a stomach virus, last night casey and I were up all night with the same virus. Now my poor mother who has been nursing us is sick. What a mess we all are.
Well despite this I have finished the cherries and our little masking tape art project. I'll be back to post on that. Here are some photos though of K playing in our hand dyed silks. I tied them all together across the room and we ran in and out of them playing hide and seek.


gardenmama said...

i am sorry to hear your family has been sick, we had the same stomach bug a few weeks back and i know how horrible it is : ( i love your play silks, healing wishes sent your way!!

softearthart said...

What fun, running through silks, all illness and sickness forgotten cheers Marie